It's normal for families to spend a beautiful day out exploring Old Sacramento.

What's not normal is random crimes like an attempted kidnapping on Thursday night around 7 p.m.

Sacramento police say Paris Drewmore, 19, of Fresno was arrested on charges of kidnapping and drug possession. He didn't know his victim, a mother of a young boy.

"Usually Old Sacramento is really quiet," said Crystal Newborn, who works for a carriage company in Old Sacramento. "Especially Thursdays."

Newborn has been a carriage driver for six years. Old Sacramento is almost like a second home for her. The 24-year-old plans to take over her family's carriage company of more than 40 years.

"I heard a smack noise and then some people yelling," Newborn said. "I see this guy punch this woman in the face."

Newborn adds that the women fell over and the man started kicking her.

"He was like 'This is my kid!'" said Newborn.

Newborn said when the woman kept screaming that her child was being taken, she knew something was right and called 911.

Other witnesses in the area tried to stop him from getting away.

Police arrested Drewmore the same night. The mother had minor injuries and the toddler wasn't hurt. Police are calling this a random crime.