Chyna Gibson, a transgender performer from Sacramento, was shot and killed while on a trip in New Orleans a week ago. Gibson was in Louisiana to visit family not knowing her life would end amid Mardi Gras celebrations.

Her death came two days after another transgender woman was gunned down also in New Orleans. Police said they do not believe the woman was killed for being transgender. According to GLAAD seven transgender women of color have been killed this year.

Saturday night Gibson was remembered during a memorial service in Sacramento. Because of Gibson's performance background her friends and family wanted the service to be filled with performance.

"We are here to remember and celebrate and to give the love that we gave to Chyna, we are going to give to each other," Minister Tynya Beverly said to the crowd.

Several friends and family members performed on stage, dedicating their talent to remember the woman who loved to be on stage. Gibson loved to give her fans a show so this time her friends gave her one.

Gibson's best friend, Demetriel Colon told jokes about their friendship and became emotional overwhelmed.

"To know her was to love her," Colon said about Gibson.

Family members took the stage after friends. Gibson's sister Tashamia Barrow became so upset she passed out on stage.

"For her life to be taken like this is so harsh," Barrow cried.

Each person poured their heart out for Gibson, who was a woman that championed adversity, from surviving Hurricane Katrina to transitioning.

Chyna will be buried March 11th in Louisiana. The family is still taking donations for the funeral costs. New Orleans police say they are looking for two 'persons of interest' in connection to the shooting of Gibson but haven't made any arrests.