It's hard to imagine a beautiful Sunday in the park, celebrating a toddler's birthday,  suddenly interrupted by gunshots. What's even harder to imagine is having one of your loved ones caught in the crossfire but that's exactly what happened in Del Paso Heights. Three innocent bystanders were shot at Mama Marks Park, two of them children.

Carrie Joe, the mother of one of the victims, an 11-year-old boy, spoke to ABC10 about her son's current condition.

"He is waking up from the medication, but he has breathing tubes," Joe said. "But hopefully those will be removed tomorrow, he had his kidney removed his appendix removed."

Her son Johnny was shot three times, not only was he hit in the abdomen but also in the knee and leg. Joe said Johnny will need physical therapy, but will recover.

"Bullets started flying before anyone knew what was going on, there were mainly women and children, there were other victims but my son took the most bullets, to protect his sister and he is my hero for that," Joe said,  "He is so young it has been a lot for him to go through."

Joe is a single mother and homeless, her five kids have been living in a Suburban truck and hotels since November. Since the shooting, the community has helped with housing and gathering goods for the family. Joe said she is thankful her son is alive but has a message to those who pulled the trigger.

"This violence is hurting us, they need to stop, they need to stop, we didn't do it to you guys my son did not deserve this," Joe said. 

If you would like to help the family you can contact Councilmember Warren's office or this Go Fund Me page. And if you have information on the shooting contact Sacramento police.