If you haven’t heard, the rental market in Sacramento is limited and expensive. One solution to the problem: mother-in-law apartments or “nanny flats.”

You may have heard of them. Homeowners often convert garages into a living space or build a small apartment in the backyard. Well, Gov. Jerry Brown just singed a new bill making it easier and cheaper for homeowners to build them.

Sacramento is not unique to this rental shortage problem. Senator Bob Weickowski has been working to make it easier to build a second dwelling on properties. Weickowski's office found statewide there are only 664,000 affordable rental homes for the 2.2 million low income renters. There are not enough rental homes for people who want them. And to top it off, Californians pay 50 percent more on average than renters in other states.

Red tape and expensive service fees discourage many people from legally building a second dwelling. Senate Bill 1069 would cut some of that tape.

For example, the bill works to eliminate or reduce city sewer and water hookup fees, fire sprinkler requirements and provides acceptation to parking requirements.

The governor is hoping this law will reduce some of these illegal dwellings.

The bill goes into effect January 1, 2017.

For more info on the bill take a look at the overview below.