Across the country, there is a growing shortage of truck drivers. In fact, according to a report from the American Trucking Association, the industry needs to hire a whopping 900,000 more drivers.

That's something Artem Korzhuk -- the owner of Ark Expedited, a cross-country trucking company in Sacramento -- knows first-hand.

"We definitely feel it here in Sacramento," Korzhuk said. "Almost every company, and myself included, has a job posting up 24/7, just like, every day."

Korzhuk believes one of the biggest reasons people aren't getting into trucking is the time spent on the road and away from family. He said growing up his father, who is a truck driver, spent at least a quarter of his life on the road.

Other factors contributing to the shortage include the ELD mandate, which electronically monitors drivers' hours, and, according to the report, age.

The average truck driver is close to 50 years old. Many are retiring and young people just aren't filling those spots.

"I think it's just not a glamorous job," Korzhuk explained. "Now a days everyone is more interested in helping Elon Musk create the electric truck versus going out weeks at a time being away from friends."

Jokes aside, the lack of truck drivers has a broad impact: Less truck drivers means higher prices for transported goods.

"Simple supply and demand," Korzhuk said. "Shippers don't have access to as many trucks because not many people want to go on it ,so they have to pay more for the freight to get moved."