I asked on my Facebook page if viewers had experiences in getting free stuff from their cable or satellite provider.

Terrence Smith, of Sacramento, quickly responded and said his friends call him "The Negotiator."

As “The Negotiator," he shared some tips for getting deals from cable companies.

"The first thing you want to do on the phone is not deal with that person," Smith said. "You ask for the supervisor. That gets the ball rolling."

Smith subscribes to DirecTV. They offer the NFL package, which Smith asked for and got for free. But, he says, you need to stay on top of your account.

“Even though I got the NFL package for free, I have to call right after the end of the this season on week 17 by midnight or I’ll automatically be charged for next year, so there's some catches," Smith said.

Smith is also getting HBO and Cinemax for free because his account was overcharged. The satellite company wanted to keep him as a customer and he received the movie packages just by asking for them.

Smith enjoys dishing advice on how to get free stuff, but he also feels some satellite companies take advantage of customers, especially older ones who don't know how to negotiate.

"They will not give anything free to you unless you ask," Smith said. "I’ve saved a couple of hundred bucks."

Ever the negotiator, Smith is looking down the road to see how technology is evolving. He's fine with satellite television for now, but says after his DirecTV contract expires, he’s going to go with a popular streaming services, FireStick.

"It’s 90 percent cheaper," Smith said.