A former MMA fighter is starting up a new business to connect disabled and elderly people with physical trainers.

Devin Johnson became partially paralyzed in 2012.

"I was simply sparring with a teammate of mine who I sparred several times with and I went to take him down," said Johnson. "It was just a simple dislocation. I must've pulled back or in. It happened so fast that I immediately went paralyzed."

After he became paralyzed, he went to a gym and found it difficult to get access to workouts he needed.

He's starting up FuseFit after seeing a growing need for help through his own experience.

"I really noticed that there are so many options and alternatives for people who know how to work out, but it really kind of stops at that point," he said. "I wanted to give those who are not as competent in that field access through a platform of personal trainers that come to them."

It'll launch as a web based platform in a few months, but will be an app shortly after. Johnson believes this business is a way he can help those who were or are in a similar place.

"It really took some time for me to just be content where God has placed me now," he said. "I truly see there's inspiration in what I do."