A big business is helping homeless people in Sacramento to do their business.

Charmin donated 3,000 rolls of toilet paper to Pit Stop, a pilot program to provide clean restrooms in the River District.

"Everybody needs a bathroom, male or female everyone needs a bathroom," Seven said, he lives nearby Pit Stop. "I am thankful for this, it's clean and sanitized."

Many who live on the street, like Angie Bottomley, feel like this portable toilet is the only place to use the restroom and feel comfortable.

"It's a judgment free zone, people talk amongst themselves when people take too long but its here, I didn't want to have to go downtown or sit on the sidewalk or something," Bottomley said.

The City of Sacramento said "Pit Stop" has been open for almost four months. The bathrooms have had over 9,344 uses, 649 dirty needles collected and 295 dog waste bags distributed. It is a mobile restroom for a mobile community, who is thankful for the little things.

"I'm just glad I have toilet paper because you cant have toilet paper all the time," Bottomley added.

The folks at Charmin said they were happy to back the Pit Stop because they are always looking for ways to make the bathroom experience more enjoyable--no matter who you are or where you live.

Seven said he hopes "Pit Stop" will expand.

"I wish we could," Sevens said. "I wish we could, we need one down here and we need one by the new arena, it would help it would help for the homeless."