When gun fire rang out Saturday night during a memorial for a young man shot in Oak Park, a pregnant woman was struck by a bullet. Soon after, she was going into labor.

The shooting happened along 33rd Street, on the day of the funeral for a young man that had been gunned down just a block away from the scene.

The woman, roughly eight months pregnant, was at the memorial, celebrating the young man’s life with friends. When she was shot, she was taken to a nearby hospital where physicians made the decision to inducer her birth, police said.

The woman was able to deliver her baby and is currently in serious condition, Sacramento Police spokesman Matt McPhail said. She is, however, expected to survive.

The baby’s condition was not reported and no one else was reported injured.

As the community is picking up the pieces from the recent uptick in shootings, one couple is trying to combat the violence. Rachel and Loren Ditmore are the founders of City of Refuge, a faith-based non-profit in Oak Park geared toward breaking cycles of abuse and violence through various programs.

“You feel like you are living in the middle of a warzone," Rachel said, "This is our third time that we have seen the yellow tape go up in the last couple of weeks."

The couple lives in Oak Park and said even though there has been a lot of violence, they are not going to move. They are here to stay and be a light during a dark time.

“When you look at the problem as a whole, it is disheartening but you can’t forget that one life matters just as much as the hundreds that lost their lives,” Loren said.

Police are still looking for a suspect in the shooting. No other injuries were reported.

“We have to have hope, and live hope in the midst of this and the more hope that we have to shine in the darkness," Rachel said.