The massacred remains of gourds are piling up at a West Sacramento farm.

The culprit behind the carnage? A pumpkin-launching canon.

The air-powered device is attracting a small city of spectators at Dave's Pumpkin Patch on South River Road.

"There is about 100 pounds of pressurized air behind the pumpkins, said Walley, the cannon’s operator. “It will send them to the other end of the field."

The spectacle takes place at the edge of a plowed field. Small and medium pumpkins are loaded into what looks like a large drain pipe connected to a construction-sized air compressor. With the flick of a valve, the pumpkins are launched high above the barren field.

When they hit the ground the gourds crack open and spew their seeds and insides all over.

“The seeds will grow," Walley said, noting the flying pumpkins’ seeds will be part of next year’s crop.

The pumpkin cannon is open to the public on the weekends at Dave's Pumpkin Patch.

It will cost you a short hay ride to get to the launch pad. If you see a gourd you like. Pick it up before it becomes ammo.