The heat is all the way up this summer in Sacramento and if you live downtown, then you've experienced it a lot.

But we're not the only area who has high numbers.

Reno's streak of 90-plus degrees just ended after 51 consecutive days, according to the Associated Press.

This is considered the "longest stretch of 90-degree heat ever recorded at Reno-Tahoe International Airport."

The new record is more than two weeks longer than the previous stretch, which was recorded in 2010.

Well, downtown Sacramento has also broke a similar record that has stood since 1992.

The previous record was 40 days in 1992 from July 13 through Aug. 21 and the second was 35 days in 1967 from July 24 through Aug. 27, according to the National Weather Service.

The last day downtown Sacramento was in the 80-degree range was on June 27. From June 28 until Monday August 7, the area has experienced over 90-degree weather which translates into a record breaking 41 consecutive days.

Downtown Sacramento has also seen 16 total days of over 100 degrees during this particular span - July 30 through August 3 were the most days in a row the area had with over 100 degree weather.

The heat is expected to continue so let's see how many days we may add to this record in the 10-day planner.