The Cal Expo race track Turf Club has been transformed into an evacuation center for victims of Northern California’s wildfires.

"It's obviously a traumatic and very stressful situation to be evacuated from your home no matter what, so when they come here, we give them the essentials. They have a safe place to stay,” said Steve Walsh of the Gold Country Region Red Cross. “They have food, shelter. They have a bed. All the amenities to get through the next few days."

Cots are set up and food and bottled water are on hand.

A number of volunteers are also ready to help.

Many have flown in from other parts of the country and are veterans of other disasters like Houston's Hurricane Harvey.

Some have never been to California, but are passionate about lending a hand.

Mike Hofmann has volunteered for 41 years. He came from Cold Spring, Minnesota.

"We do this to help the people. It's enjoyable to work with the people in the Red Cross and our other partners,” Hofmann said. “And to make sure that we are available to alleviate the pain and suffering."

For now, the Red Cross says they have all they need, as far as food and clothing, but they always are in need of monetary donations.

So far, as of this report, no evacuees have arrived.

The Red Cross is unsure if some or none will arrive. However, they say they are ready.

To donate, you can go to or text the word REDCROSS to 90999.