Walking has always been a part of life, but certain cities in the United States are more accustomed to seeing people walk.

This is according to a 2017 report by Walk Score, a Redfin company, that ranked 50 of the most walkable large cities in America with populations exceeding 300,000.

More than two billion walking routes were computed for 2,500 cities and 10 million locations were analyzed.

Of those locations, California's capitol city was listed as No. 30 with a Walk Score number of 47.1 out of 100.

New York (No. 1), San Francisco (No. 2) and Boston (No. 3) remained as the top three from the previous year. California cities like Oakland (No. 9) and Long Beach (No. 10) did crack the top 10, which made California the leading state with the highest amount of cities in the top 10.

No city eclipsed a Walk Score rating of 90, New York (89.2) and San Francisco (86) were the closest.

Walk Score measured walkability of locations based on a city's distance from amenities, which includes restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores, density of population, block length and pedestrian friendliness.

"Walkable neighborhoods with access to public transit, better commutes, and proximity to the people and places you love are the key to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle," according to the report.