Want to enjoy a nice get away without hopping on a plane in the United States, well you're already there with Sacramento being one of the best cities to do so.

Staycations are when a person, group of people or families take a vacation without having to leave their home city.

According to a report from RewardExpert, the Capitol City ranked as the highest California city taking the No. 8 overall spot.

The report compared 100 of the U.S. largest cities, evaluating them on 29 metrics separated into three main categories - Recreation, Food & Entertainment and Rest & Relaxation.

Of the three categories, Sacramento ranked No. 11 in Recreation, No. 15 in Food & Recreation and No. 40 in Rest & Relaxation.

Other notable California cities making an appearance on the list included Irvine (9), San Francisco (17), Chula Vista (52), San Diego (55), San Jose (65), Los Angeles (73), and Modesto (94).

The No. 1 spot went to Minneapolis, Minnesota, who garnered first in Recreation and second in Food & Entertainment.