When a pet owner chooses a place to live, their furry companions often play a big role in deciding on a location.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), pets live in 85 million homes across the U.S and more than $69 billion dollars are expected to be spent on pets this year alone. It's clear, Americans love their furry pals and are willing to spend a fair amount of money to make sure they're safe, healthy and happy.

Some pets are fortunate enough to enjoy luxuries such as high-end grooming, gourmet food, shopping sprees and upscale dog hotels. However, even the basic costs of pet can add up with veterinary bills, food, treats, dog licenses, pet deposits for rental homes and more.

With the high costs of owning a pet being, WalletHub researchers looked into which U.S. are the most pet-friendly, factoring in quality of life and wallet damage.

Out of the 100 large cities ranked, Sacramento is listed as number 15.

The California Capitol ranked high in the outdoor pet-friendliness category, which factors in details such as number of dog parks and walkability. The city also scored high in the health and wellness category, which includes the number of pet-friendly businesses and pet-friendliness in the rental market.

However, the vet costs in Sacramento are still pricey compared to other cities on the list.

Stockton also made the list at 63, for having some of the lowest vet costs in the nation's largest cities.

Scottsdale, Arizona tops the list while Newark, NJ is ranked last.