A new report by Sacramento area construction experts predicts a shortage of more than 7,000 industry workers per year, over the next five years.

The 108-page report, titled “Construction: Cluster and Workforce Needs Assement Sacramento Region,” assessed the needs of the local construction industry, including the workforce. The report was conducted by Valley Vision and the Center of Excellence at Los Rios Community College District.

“The impact of the recession that began in the late 2000’s has cast a long shadow on the construction industry in California and its regions,” Aaron Wilcher, Director of the Center of Excellence, said in a press release. “Unlike other sectors, overall construction value has not returned to pre-recession levels when residential construction was especially hard hit.”

Occupations with the largest shortages in the region include construction managers, electricians, real estate professionals, engineers, heavy equipment operators, carpenters, plumbers and pipefitters.

The industry accounts for about $34.8 billion in the region, according to the report. That includes more than 221,000 jobs and $17.4 billion in labor income.

“Workforce shortages pose a critical concern for the region and the industry,” the report noted.