If you're looking for a new job, Sacramento may be just the place.

Online job-search site, Indeed.com, ranked the top 25 metro cities in the U.S. for job-seekers according to job market favorability, salary weighted for cost of living, work-life balance and job security and advancement opportunities.

The city of Sacramento came in fifth, beating out San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Sacramento ranked in the 90th percentile for work-life balance, 86th percentile for salary, 73rd percentile for job security and 69th percentile for job market favorability.

Three of the top 10 cities are in Florida. Miami tops the list followed by Orlando at number 2 and Jacksonville is ranked seventh on the list.

Raleigh, North Carolina is third on the list while Austin, Texas ranks fourth.

San Jose follows close behind Sacramento at No. 6.

The report found the top 15 metro cities for jobs were all in the west and south region of the country.

“We have seen a migration trend where people are moving away from cold places looking to live in warm climates, so it is no surprise that we are seeing companies providing more job opportunities in Sun Belt cities like Miami, Austin, and San Diego.” said Paul D’Arcy, senior vice president at Indeed.

There wasn't a single city from the Midwest on the list.

"Manufacturing jobs have steadily declined over the years and haven’t shown promise for career growth like a generation ago,” D’Arcy said. “Those states are working to diversify their economy to attract workers and keep talent in their state.”