Seasonal employees who plan on working for the Sacramento River Cats must make sure they're not working for any other venues.

The River Cats have a new policy banning the hiring of seasonal employees who are simultaneously working for the Sacramento Kings or Sacramento Republic FC.

One of the main reasons the River Cats adopted this new policy is because of scheduling conflicts between the other two sports organizations, with events occurring on the same day.

Robert Barsanti, the Media Relations Coordinator for the River Cats, harped on their position of scheduling conflicts in why they chose to move forward with this method.

"It was basically the increasing number of scheduling conflicts." said Barsanti.

They are in the off-season now, but this will be a part of the application process in the beginning of next year.

For the current and previous employees, Barsanti says that the HR Department sent out a message prior to the announcement to keep the employees aware and though this will affect people, so far it doesn't seem like it has affected a lot.

"We let them know about a month ago and we've only heard from about 15 or so (people) and we hire about 600." said Barsanti.

Though this policy applies across the board, for all venues, other organizations do not have the same policy.

Erika Bjork, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Sacramento Republic FC, said her organization hires about 100 seasonal workers and uses a different policy.

"We do not have that same policy." Bjork said. "We would not preclude them for employment anywhere else."

She also said that they only have about 20 games during the season, so the scheduling conflicts they deal with are minor and no different from someone requesting days off for holidays, graduations or other events.

Besides doing in-depth hiring interviews confirming people's availability, Bjork says the Republic FC makes sure they have enough employees to cover an event, avoiding those scheduling conflicts.

Well, for the River Cats this policy is happening and those employees must make an unfortunate decision.