A California State University, Sacramento counselor and artist is arranging leaves into works of art.

Joanna Hedrick arranges fallen leaves into intricate labyrinths, concentric circles, and simple rows.

The mother of two said she got the idea from her daughter’s Montessori school.

“A full labyrinth that they walk through to teach the kids peace and calming and reflection,” Hedrick said.

Hedrick is a nature lover who studied landscaping at Consumes River College.

Her favorite tree is the Ginkgo for its leaves that turn quickly from green to yellow.

“This Grove I usually do concentric circles. Kind of to mimic the rings inside the tree.”

For Hedrick, arranging these natural wonders is therapeutic and calming.

“I’m kind of giving our community here something nice to come back to,” Hedrick.

She hopes her artwork can do the same for others.