Pets are in almost every neighborhood throughout the United States but some cities are more pet-friendly then others.

Reward Expert, a data analysis internet company, compared 53 of the largest metropolises in the U.S. basing the overall score findings from 10 metrics broken into three key categories - pet needs, pet recreation, and city profile. 

The City of Trees or Farm-to-fork Capitol (whichever you prefer) landed in the No. 13 spot, which was the third highest ranked California city on the list.

Sacramento received a score of 42.7, while ranking in the top 19 for all three aforementioned key categories.

Other top California cities included San Francisco who ranked the highest at No. 2, then San Diego (No. 10), Los Angeles (No. 15) and San Jose (No. 19).

However, Tampa, Florida, reigned supreme as the top spot and was the only city to eclipse a 90 overall score rating (92.6). San Francisco at 84 and Miami at 79 were the next closest. 

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