Sacramento City Council will review a new police use of force policy at Thursday's city hall meeting that could allow for the immediate release of all video depicting officer-involved fatal shootings.

The policy, which was drafted by Mayor Pro Tem Larry Carr (District 8) and the Sacramento Community Police Commission, comes weeks after Sacramento Police Department released video of the fatal July 11 shooting of 50-year-old Joseph Mann on Del Paso Boulevard. Dash cam video appears to show the two officers, John Tennis and Randy Lozoya, attempting to hit Mann with a patrol car twice, minutes before fatally shooting him 14 times.

Carr released the policy Sept. 29 in efforts to get public input. The policy would, among other things, allow for the immediate "release of all video of a fatal incident after the video is viewed by the next of kin," as long as it doesn't impact an investigation or put people at risk.

Under the policy, the video of the shooting, which was released to the public in September, would've first been viewed by the Mann family.

The rest of the policy (read the policy in its entirety here) addresses how law enforcement uses force, and even recommends officers be issued and carry less lethal weapons.

In 2016, there have been seven other fatal officer-involved shootings in Sacramento County.

  • Justin Prescott, 30, was shot by a sheriff's deputy assigned to the Rancho Cordova Police Department Feb. 2, after he reportedly shoplifted from an area Walmart. According to officials, Prescott was acting "erratic" and had a knife in his hand.
  • Dazion Flenaugh, 40, was reportedly armed with a knife and charged at Sacramento police officers before he was fatally shot on April 8.
  • Jaime Ide, 35, was shot May 19 by Citrus Heights officer after police said he threatened them with a knife after an hours-long standoff. Hours before the shooting, officers responded to Birdcage Street and found a woman seriously injured.
  • Sergey Makarenko, 17, was shot at by sheriff's deputies June 18 after officials said he put his car in reverse and attempted to run over the deputies. Makarenko was reportedly seen driving erratically near El Camino and Watt avenues.
  • Michael McClurg, 56, who police say was armed with a gun, was shot by Citrus Heights police Aug. 8 following reports that he was behaving strangely.
  • Chad Irwin, 40, was reportedly armed with a retractable knife and lunged at sheriff's deputies before being shot in the upper body. According to sheriff's, deputies responded to Irwin's home after receiving reports of domestic disturbance.
  • Jesse Attaway, 41, who officials say was a burglary suspect, was fatally shot by sheriff's deputies Sept. 23. According to the department, Attaway "pointed something at the officers" before being shot. Sheriff Sgt. Tony Turnbull told media after the shooting that no weapons were found at the scene.

In 2015, there were five fatal officer-involved shootings, three of which were investigated by the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office.

The City Council meeting starts Thursday at 6 p.m. at City Hall in downtown Sacramento.