A group of Sacramento coders joined thousands around the county to participate in the National Net Neutrality Day of Action.

On Wednesday night, members of Code for Sacramento met at the Hacker Lab in Midtown to voice their opposition for the Trump administration’s plan to roll back Obama-era net neutrality laws.

“The websites I go to, I don’t want some random company saying I can’t go to that or if I can go to that it’s going to load slower than CNN or load slower than Fox News or any other website,” Gavin DeSchutter told ABC10.

Under current law, Internet providers like Comcast and Verizon cannot block, censor or slow down certain websites. Trump’s FCC chairman Ajit Paj believes that these rules prevent competition and investments and wants to change it.

The concern for many is that this will also put smaller websites at a disadvantage.

“It’s often framed as a business issue, a way for small businesses to keep fairly with big businesses,” Joel Riphagen, the captain of Code for Sacramento, said, “And this matters a lot in Sacramento because we have a vibrant start up community here in Sacramento.”

For Pavan Sandhu, it’s also just a matter of keeping the Internet looking like the Internet.

“If some change happens where we’re limited to what we observe and there’s different people choosing what we have access to and not,” he explained, “It’s not a free market anymore it’s not a World Wide Web.”