The month of October and the color pink have become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In the past couple years, men have begun to make No Shave November their symbol for Men’s Health issues.

Movember is not just an excuse to not shave for a month, it’s a cause that has raised over $700 million to help fund research into testicular and prostate cancer.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 68 percent of firefighters develop cancer as compared to just 22 percent of the general public.

For metro fire engineer Kevin Summers, the risks of being a firefighter and the pain of losing a family member to cancer is all too real.

“My brother-in-law who was a fire fighter, he developed melanoma and passed away in 1995 at the age of 32," Summers said. "That’s had a profound impact on my family personally, but we’ve had other firefighters and other personnel here at metro suffer thru cancer and lose that battle as well.”

One firefighter who doesn’t plan on losing that battle is Captain Bob Bruce. A 23 year veteran of metro fire, Captain Bruce has led the charge in organizing the fire station to rally behind Movember.

Last year Bruce and metro fire raised over $32,000. The largest amount of money raised by any team of first responders in the country. It means even more to Bruce because he’s been battling prostate cancer for the last 10 years.

“This year he had a relapse of that cancer and he is currently going through treatment, and he wanted someone here at Metro to lead that charge,” Summers said.

The charge for Kevin Summers and his colleagues at Sac Metro Fire is to grow their moustache and raise some serious funds.

“The fire service is one big family and when one of us gets cancer, we all hurt, and the Movember foundation is a chance for us to step up and help them thru a difficult time," Summers said.