Imagine being alone and away from your family and loved ones this holiday. For many undocumented immigrants, that is their reality as they sit and wait in detention centers across the country.

That's why a group of activists and community members in Sacramento have set out to show that while they are alone, they are not forgotten. On Monday night, they came together at a Starbucks in Sacramento to make holiday cards for the 160 immigrants detained at the ICE detention center in Marysville.

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"We're just saying, 'Dear so and so, we are here in solidarity and peace with you. We're sending you strength in this time of need. We wish you happy holidays and a brighter New Year," Molly Reagh, a member of NorCal Resist, explained. "Just a short sweet message that there's people on the outside that still care about you."

Roughly 15 people participated, including Tomas Evangelista, a DREAMer who founded the organization California DREAMers.

"With the situation with DREAMers, this could be me. This could be any of the DREAMers in the next couple months with our situation," Evangelista said. "And there are people in detention who have done nothing wrong. They're not criminals. They're being detained right now and being held."

"So, it's the season of giving," he added. "We wish we could do more, but this is the least we can write them a card."