Every year, Sacramento hosts the annual Pride Parade. It's a celebration with dancers, colorful floats and usually a whole lot of pazzaz.

But this year, the day may seem a bit different.

Sacramento is joining cities across the country to host a Pride March. The operative word "march" indicates the difference.

Instead of having the traditional celebratory event, many in the LGBTQ community feel that given the current political climate, Pride Month should take on a more somber and activist tone.

Los Angeles, for instance, canceled their Pride Parade all together. The city will only host a march.

New York plans to combine its parade and march into one. And other cities, such as Washington D.C., are planning both.

That is the also the case here in Sacramento.

"I think there will still be celebratory aspects because you know we do still have things to celebrate and it's important not to forget that in this time," Jo Michael of Equality California said. "But it's also important to remember the ways that California has decided to go in a different direction than the federal administration."

On the morning of Saturday, June 3, local activists from Equality California, the California Endowment and other community groups will join together for an "Equality March." The event begins at 9am at Crocker Park.

"I think it will be very different," Michael said. "I think it will be more serious."

The usual Pride Parade will happen after that in the afternoon.