A Sacramento man is looking for his emotional support dog who escaped Sunday night.

Mark Jones has trouble with his anxiety and his dog Brody helps calm him down.

On Sunday, Jones said Brody, a brown Labradoodle, got spooked and took off.

"I live across from Capitol park and something spooked him and he took off," Jones said.

"My dad worked with me," Jones. "He was my best friend so he had a heart attack and died suddenly. It was traumatic and it was hard for me to process. I sort of shut down."

He hasn't had Brody for long, a little over a week, but they've already formed a special bond.

"He's great," Jones said. "He's just a calm dog. If you start to feel anxiety he just really turns your mood around."

Jones has posted flyers and gone to stores about his missing dog, but it's social media that's giving him clues on what may have happened to Brody.

"Someone on Facebook said, 'I think I just saw your dog. I just petted your dog,'" Jones exlained.

Brody is neutered and chipped. He may be with a homeless man and another dog.

Front Street Animal Shelter shared Jones' story on their Facebook page, and it has been since shared more than 1,600 times.