A house that once belonged to a serial killer in Sacramento is getting attention after it was featured on the podcast "My Favorite Murder."

The home located on F Street was once owned by Dorothea Puente who was convicted of murdering people who rented her rooms in the 1980's.

"Our real estate agent listed there was unauthorized burials next door," said John Paul Olafson, who lives next to the home.

"It was pretty big news for Sacramento back in the day," said Dan Carroll.

Authorities at the time said Puente drugged her elderly tenants and stole their money and eventually they found seven bodies buried around the property.

She was convicted in 1993.

"It's a little weird but the house looks a lot nicer than it did back in the 80's," said Sharon Penny who listens to murder themed podcast.

The case grabbed so much attention on a Facebook fan page that people created another group called Sacramurderinos.

"We were kind of like oh my God we didn't realize that was here and we all started digging in to other murder house mysteries and it kind of snowballed," said Sacramurderinos member, Robin Epley.

Sacramurderinos are taking a look at other homes with creepy pasts and plan to organize a tour of them on October 22nd.