There have been two different phishing scams that have resurfaced and officials want the public to be aware them since they have claimed victims in the past.

Residents have reported receiving phone calls of scammers identifying themselves as an employee of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. The caller then says the victim has a warrant or grand jury subpoena and provides instructions on how to make a payment to avoid being arrested.

The other reported incident, on Thursday, was a text scam where people received a text message appearing to be from their bank or credit union advising them to contact the number provided.

The telephone number that sent the text either matches the person's local area code or appears to be a toll-free number, tricking a potential victim into believing it's legitimate. After you dial the number, an automated voice message says there may be a problem then asks you to provide your card number, security code, pin number and etc.

Officials say if you're approached by either scam, remember: make sure to call your bank's verified telephone number, Warrants Bureau doesn't call demanding payment to clear or warrant or etc., and always be vigilant.

If you receive scam phone calls, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on their website. If you have been a victim of the Sheriff scam, please contact your nearest service center to make a report.