Sacramento woman with Guam ties shares concerns over North Korea threatening a nuclear strike.

For Lin Chargualaf, Guam holds a special place in her heart.

She talked to us about it while preparing dinner.

"My sisters and I have a WhatsApp chat room and when I started listening to the news about the Korean president and the threat it did hit home," said Chargualaf. "I even got goosebumps. Oh my gosh what is that guy trying to do? What could he be thinking? The innocent lives out there?"

She has lots of family members who live in Guam including her mother, sisters, and daughter.

She's been watching news in Guam through an app.

Many of her family members aren't worried over what they've been hearing.

"I think they're way is putting piece of mind in everybody," Chargualaf said. "I think the ones who are overly worried are us over here."