Sacramento's new pot boss is working on a permit to legalize marijuana delivery services.

According to websites and city officials, there are 180 marijuana delivery services. They're all illegal.

"There are no permitted delivery services in the city of Sacramento," said Joe Devlin, chief of cannbis policy and enforcement with the city of Sacramento.

Devlin is the the city's first marijuana boss. Among a lot of tasks he's working on, one of them is developing a framework and draft for a marijuana delivery permit.

"First we need to address public safety," Devlin said. "We're gonna evaluate best practices across the country."

But, It's not so simple.

There are several issues he's working on addressing for the permit including how to track transactions, vehicles companies use, verification of cannabis patient, insurance and locations.

Devlin is working with nearly every department and this permit is just one of many on his to-do list. He says there is so much to get right and it's going to take awhile before this growing business can run legally.