Moving to a new country can be scary, not knowing the language or having a place to work, but at Sinbad's Market they make it feel like home for many refugees that have just arrived.

Behind the food counter at the market was Abdol Shifkfa, he is a Syrian refugee from Damascus.

"Me and my parents and one of my sisters had the opportunity to come to the United States," Shifkfa said translated from Arabic.

He cooks food from his homeland at Sinbad's which makes him think about his sisters, not knowing when they will ever reunite.

"There is a chance I will never get to see them again, but we try to stay in touch as much as possible," Shifkfa said.

It is a sentiment many others felt in the store. While ABC10's Anne Di Grazia was walking around the store, many other refugees approached her to share their journey. One refugee family from Syria shared how they had been separated for months and were happy to be in California.

Co-owner Zaid Taweeq said he is happy that refugees gather at his store and he is even happier to employ them.

"There was a need for these people to get a job and mix in the community," Taweeq said.

Sinbad's Market has 10 employees and all happen to be refugees.

"Its nice going to bed at night knowing your doing something good," Taweeq said.

His family are asylees from Mosul, Iraq. Taqeeq said he and his father opened the market and helped create the community center next door so others can feel comfortable.

"I believe in Karma and I think if you help others they will one day help you," he said.