Some Downtown Sacramento businesses are excited for the three day Amgen Tour of California, while others are nervous about the impacts it will have on business this Mother's Day weekend.

18th and Capitol Avenue in Midtown is just one busy corridor that will be closed during the weekend race.

There are several local restaurants and retail stores near that location.

Jessie Manongdo is the manager of the Italian restaurant called Paesanos. He is excited for the foot traffic expected to hit the area this weekend.

"It's a great thing," Manongdo said. "Again, they are supporting a lot of local businesses here."

Some restaurants in the area have already booked Mother's Day reservations but had to explain to customers that parking will be tight because of the race.

Dozens of parking spots on Friday had posted no parking signs from Saturday at 6 a.m. to Monday at 3 p.m.

Parking is a big concern for Josh Verner, co-owner of Zanzibar, an fine art and jewelry store this holiday weekend.

He said his customers don't want to fight the crowd to get to the store and in the past didn't show up during the race.

Amgen crowds meant a loss of more than 60 percent of sales during the race, amounting to thousands of dollars lost, Verner said.

He is most concerned that last minute Mother's Day shoppers are a crucial part of his Spring quarter sales.

"Mother's day being this weekend that is a major holiday for us in Spring sales and I have no idea how badly that's going to impact us," Verner said.

For Sacramento as a whole, the race is estimated to bring in more than $3 million this weekend, said Mike Testa, with the Sacramento Visitors Bureau.

More than 2,500 will be staying in local hotels, eating, and shopping in the area.

"It's great from an econonoimc impact standpoint," Testa said.

Testa also mentioned that the international exposure from the race is something that will be invaluable to the city.