We all feel some form of stress at some point in life, unwanted or not, but some cities in the United States feel the pressure more than others.

A 2017 Wallethub study ranked, from highest to lowest, the 150 cities in the U.S. based on their stress level.

The top five cities that endure the most stress were Newark, N.J. (No.1); Detroit (No. 2); Cleveland (No. 3); Jackson, Miss. (No. 4); Miami (No. 5). San Bernardino, which placed 7th, was the most stressed out city in California.

Sacramento ranked in the middle of the pack at 57, while the Stockton (No. 39) was the second highest Northern California city behind Fresno (No. 29).

Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Oxnard and Bakersfield all ranked higher then Sacramento too.

Being stress-free in California can feel unattainable, but the city of Fremont might be your best option since it was the least stressful city on the list. Other least stressful cities included Sioux Falls, S.D. (No. 146); Scottsdale, Ariz. (No. 147); Overland Park, Kan. (No. 148); and Plano, Texas (No. 149).

Using 30 different metrics, four key categories were evaluated to help structure the list — work stress, financial stress, family stress and heath and safety stress.

Sacramento placed extremely high in family-related stress (No. 10), but in every other category, the capital city saw itself 87th or higher in the three other categories.

Though stress may seem inescapable, if you believe the study, at least you now have potential destinations for solace.