The annual Capitol Beer Fest was here, with this year's event boasting more than 125 brewers and drawing a crowd of nearly 7,000.

To date, California has at least 800 breweries and the number continues to grow. Sacramento is attempting to lead the pack embracing the beer culture.

Beer experts Calvin Crawford and Peter Wishim said the industry is on the upswing with 60 breweries calling Sacramento home.

"All I can say is grab a beer and drink because now is the time to enjoy it," Crawford said.

Both men said they were happy Capitol Beer Fest featured most of the local breweries.

"Sacramento has come up a long way in being a beer industry destination, obviously down south San Diego and Los Angeles have always been that way," Wishim said.

The beer craze is expanding to small towns outside of Sacramento, like Auburn and Turlock..Brian Hendrik from Turlock's Dust Bowl Brewery said the brewery is changing the culture in the small Central Valley town.

"It brings people together, a lot of people stop in from Northern California to Southern California and they can see what Turlock is all about," Hendrik said.

Across the state, different shades and tastes of hops make each brewery unique. SacTown Union Brewery is a local craft beer pub and was also home to the Capitol Beer Fest after party. Margie Wells said this brewery is her spot and she is glad Sacramento's beer scene is expanding.

"What I love about it is the entrepreneurship, yes there is a a brewery down the street, there is a place half a mile, but they don't is a community thing," Wells said.

One of SacTown's owners, Quinn Gardner, said the more breweries the merrier because he isn't afraid of the industry getting oversaturated.

"There has been some breweries that have closed, I do think as we grow it just gets better, there are more breweries in California and there are more breweries in the United States than ever before," Gardner said.

If you missed out on this festival don't worry, California Craft Beer Summit is coming back to Sacramento in September.