The owner's grandfather started the business, Taber Furniture, more than 80 years ago.

Dawn Schneider, the current owner, said the business isn't as profitable as it used to be and there's too much competition.

"The priorities have changed as far as how they want to decorate their house it's not what it used to be," said Schneider. "That's why we're closing because the customer base is diminished."

She also said the mindset has changed. People starting off won't buy furniture that would last a lifetime anymore. People choose to buy cheaper furniture.

We spoke to a few people who said they buy furniture online or get them handed down to them.

A big reason is because some of us don't live like how we used to.

"The first time buyer is getting older than it was 10 years ago and that first time buyer feels that they've landed a more stable job," said Nick Munsee, Real Property Management.

Unfortunately that all trickles down to business owners like Schneider.

She's thankful for such a long run that's been in her family for generations, but she's excited for something new after a business she's known for her whole life.