Wednesday afternoon ABC 10's Anne Di Grazia visited the light rail station near Watt Avenue and Interstate 80 in North Highlands where Deputy Alex Ladwig was shot. The story was about the riders welfare after the deputy involved shooting. At first the visit was to find Mike Villegas, a frequent rider. He said he felt safe despite the recent violence.

"I really like RT," Villegas said. "Going on the buses and light rail."

Very few folks were buying tickets and most were staying to themselves, like Precious Jackson.

"When the train comes I mind my own business so whatever they going through I don't go through that, I mind my own business and get on," Jackson said.

But some riders like Beyonce Latchinson said they were being cautious after yesterday's shooting.

"A random person shoots a cop in the face, that's not right what if someone did that to you," she said.

One man was riding on a bike shared how he felt.

"It's about to get hectic shooting a cop in the face that's deep," the man said.

During the conversation, three people walked behind Anne and the man. The group was aware of the shooting that took place.

"They shot him right here, right here where you standing at," one man said.

Amongst the three was a couple that was staying at Red Roof Inn where the shooter fled the scene and was eventually arrested. They showed videos from their room of the scene while SWAT was outside. The conversation was friendly and people were gathered, but in a moment the situation escalated. The woman called the man on the bike a beggar after a comment he made about money. Immediately curse words went back and forth, threats were made for three minutes.

There was no law enforcement officer or RT employee to be found.

When ABC10 asked about the situation Regional Transit Lieutenant Liza Hinz said the officer was on another call. Lt. Hinz said they are working on increasing saturation at this stop this week. According to Hinz, usually there is a transit agent on the bottom, top or sometimes on the train but they roam. She said they have received an increase in customer complaints at the Watt station about safety issues and are going to continue to work on ways to make the Regional Transit safer.