It’s the time of year where if you’re planning to drive up to Apple Hill, plan to sit in traffic.

And if you’re hoping to get some of the hot and fresh apple-cider donuts at Rainbow Orchards in Camino, plan to wait in line.

On Sundays, owner Christa Campbell says the line weaves all the way through their barn, as people queue up to place their orders for cider donuts and fairytale pumpkin pies.

Campbell and her husband Tom Heflin have been running Rainbow Orchards for the past 40 years, and their famous apple-cider donuts have created generations of fans.

They won’t tell me how many donuts they sell in a day; “business secret,” Campbell said. They also won’t share any details about the recipe, except to say that it was inherited from the previous owner of the farm, with slight tweaks made over the years.

By making the donuts fresh for each new order, it’s easy for Campbell and Heflin to say that the treats are made with love. But love truly does seem to radiate from their happy kitchen, filled with employees they refer to as family, and love comes through when they talk about what they do.

“We make a lot of people very, very happy and it's really very easy. It really is,” Heflin said.

As Campbell put it: “We have good food, we have good wine, we have good friends. We live in a little old farmhouse; we have a huge garden. We live on this beautiful property, so what more could you want? Right?”