Early voting is in full swing in Sacramento County and throughout the valley. Election officials said Sunday that they already received over 200,000 ballots out of the half a million that were mailed out.

"I actually anticipated people holding onto them a little longer because they are long, a lot of discussion still going on,” said Jill LaVine, Sacramento County Registrar of Voters. “I figured it would take them a little longer to get them returned, but no, people seem to know what they want.”

Or they simply don’t want to face the long lines at the polling stations.

"On Tuesday, it's always so busy and you have to wait in line a long time,” said voter Ronald Shrewsbury.

Especially when most people have work.

"Tuesday, I think I would only have two hours to spare. So, I'm worried I wouldn't have time to wait in line,” said voter Amanda Cervantes.

That’s why many people chose to vote early at the county elections office or by dropping off their ballot at the library, or one of 16 other locations countywide.

"It's getting late and I didn't want my ballot to arrive late. I wanted to make sure that it counted so I thought I would come drop it off at the election site,” said voter Scott Hodson.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day, November 8.