After the Golden 1 Center kicked off the season with an open house and fan fest, the crowds came in waves so it is hard to tell if future arena travelers will have traffic problems.

Thousands of super fans went to and from the shiny new stadium, decked out in Kings gear. Many of purple and white wearing folks screamed "Go Kings" as the walked out of the center. Many of the fans used various modes of transportation, Jenae Eustice took her whole family on the RT light rail.

"This was our first time on the light rail all together, this was a fun time the baby enjoyed it he called it a choo -choo," Eustice said.

Because she attended fan fest the light rail trip was free. Other fans who drove their cars shared how they would do something next time, like the light rail.

Sacramento police officials said every stops in the downtown area had more security, making the trips safer for everyone. Regional Transit staff tweeted that they had 600 percent passenger increase to downtown, with over 3,000 people taking the light rail compared to the average Saturday crowd of 500.

Many chose two wheels instead of four, with the bike racks packed outside the stadium. Chavis Hare told us he thinks biking is easier than driving.

"We don't want to pay for anything so riding our bikes is no problem," Hare said.

Others, like Matthew Nielsen, decided to take UBER.

"There are so many options these days you don't have to worry about driving it makes it so much easier," Nielsen said.

Police officials also added that parking wasn't an issue like everyone might have assumed. On the streets near the Golden 1 Center, and most of the local parking garages had plenty of spots available too, 70 percent to be exact.

Fans told us they are excited about the upcoming season and hope the center brings better luck to the team. Hare added that the parking issue will be a thing of the past.

"I don't think its going to be that bad, look at LA or other big cities, it's not going to hurt Sacramento at all it's just going to make it better," Hare said.

The real test for the stadium comes on Tuesday and Wednesday with the Paul McCartney concerts.