Sacramento is home to one of the longest continually running musical acts. The band plays 24 hours a day and the stage takes up an entire neighborhood. Locals call it “Tune Town.”

Band creator Max Stockinger calls it art.

“One person told me he moved here because of my sculptures,” Stockinger said.

Ok, the band in “Tune Town” is not actually a band, they are sculptures made from recycled metal.

Stockinger uses his welder to makes the sculptures in his back yard. Over the past 20 years he has created about 60 of them.

“I started building them and then people came to my door demanding that I make them one,” Stockinger said.

"Tune Town" starts at the corner of Moretti and Burney Way. A majority of his neighbors have one in their front yard.

No matter your musical preference you will probably find welded pieces of re-purposed metal turned into your favorite instrument. “There are trumpets, drums, bag pipes… I made a fiddler on the roof too,” Stockingers said.

He makes the sculptures for free and tickets to the neighborhood concert are also free. Stockingers just asks that you keep the cheering and applause to a minimum, so as not to disturb the neighbors.