A Sacramento man who allegedly forged VA medical documents claims he is a veteran and needs emotional support dogs.

Last week, we told you about a man named Casey Gubert who claims to suffer PTSD from horrors he witnessed in combat. He told us his emotional support dogs help him live a normal life and he needed help because those dogs were getting him kicked out of his apartment.

Many of you expressed your support, sympathy and even outrage, but the VA says it's a lie.

He reached out to us asking for help. We went to his house and interviewed him and his wife Courtney Gonzales Gubert. Casey shared with us stories of when he went to Afghanistan and Iraq. He said he even received a Purple Heart. The next day we got a call from a woman who claimed she's known Casey for most of his life and said he lied about being a veteran.

We took a letter the couple claims to have given the property manager and showed the VA Medical Center. At first glance a spokesperson told us it looked real until she confronted the doctor who is listed. She told us the letter is not an official document from the VA Northern California Health Care System, nor is the signature on the document from one of their physicians.

After confronting the couple, they stand by what they said in the previous ABC10 interview. They said they gave us documentation, which the VA tells us is a forgery. We've asked several more times for them to talk with us again or if they have any other documents proving his service or even pictures. So far, we've received nothing.

Many veterans are angry and we spoke with one woman who served in the Navy who needs help from her service dog everyday.

Kirsten Rockwood served as a pharmacy technician in the early 1990's.

When she left the military, her therapist recommended getting a dog to help with her PTSD.

"You have an incident happen and you can't let it go and it constantly ruminates and see you it all the time and you dream about it," Rockwood said. "Certain noises and smells bother me."

She now has Grissom, her second service dog.

"On a daily basis he will put himself in between me and somebody else he might deem a threat and he does remind me to take my medication which sometimes I forget to do it," Rockwood said. "He gets a little anxious."

Grissom goes everywhere with Rockwood even to work. She depends on him.

I asked her what she thought about Gubert faking VA Medical Documents for his emotional support animal.

"That makes me very upset because I have a hard enough time with him alone trying to go places because people say you're not disabled," Rockwood said.

Several years ago ABC10 did a story on a man, Kenneth Jerome Nelson, who was the unofficial caretaker of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the State Capitol.

He wore the Silver Star and said it was awarded to him for valor in combat. He claimed to have three Purple Hearts from his tours as a Marine in Vietnam combat.

It turns out he was never in combat and awarded no medals. He was convicted of Stolen Valor in Sacramento Federal Court.