Sacramento's four Air Force bases throughout the city have all taken different routes to existing, but they are all a part of the Sacramento area military history.

Two of the four bases are closed - McClellan and Mather.

Though they are closed, their use in the city continues to live on despite the closures.

McClellan opened in the late 1930's and operated as a logistical depot for over 60 years before it tentatively closed in 1995, then officially closing in 2001.

As a military base it was a thriving economic business and at its peak of activity during the Vietnam War the base employed up to about 34,000 military personnel and civilians.

The former base has turned into McClellan Business Park, a multi-use business, commercial, industrial, aviation and residential area.

It houses over 240 companies employing over 15,000 people with goals of creating more than 35,000 jobs, according to Alan Hersh, Senior Vice President of McClellan Park.

Mather Air Force base opened in 1941, being a location for pilot, navigation and bombardier training. The base closed in 1993, resulting in 7,600 military and civilian workers losing jobs.

In 1995, Mather's base location was re-opened as the Sacramento Mather Airport for civilian use, which continues to be a prime airport for the city.

The Beale and Travis bases still exist for the Air Force, who offer different things for the military.

The Beale Air Force base is home for the single-jet engine U-2 Dragon Lady, the two-set two-engined jet T-38 Talon and the surveillance aircraft RQ-4 Global Hawk.

The base covers nearly 23,000 acres and house more than 4,500 military personnel.

Travis Air Force base is the 60th Air Mobility Wing and is the nation's largest air mobility wing in terms of personnel in the Air Force - there are approximately 7,063 active-duty military and 3,268 civilian personnel.

"The massive Travis work force makes an economic impact in the local community of more than $4.5 million daily." said Capt. Lyndsey Horn the Chief of Public Affairs.

Also, multiple aircrafts are located at Travis and helps provide support to Americans.

"There are three aircraft based at the Travis AFB," said Horn. "The KC-10 Extender, the C-17 Globemaster III, and the C-5M Galaxy, paired with our aerial port and medical center provide unrivaled support to our nation and local community."

These four Air Force bases have provided a lot for the Sacramento community and with Veterans Day tomorrow it's a perfect day to remember.