Around Easter time, people seem to think rabbits are good ideas for pets. 

While some of that may be true, there is some information you should know before getting a pet bunny.

ABC10's Frances Wang sat down with Sonia Tedsen, Chapter Manager, and Stacey Jonasen, a volunteer, with the Sacramento House Rabbit Society. It's the local chapter of an international non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates rabbits and educates people on how to best care for a rabbit.

1. Fact or Fiction: Rabbits are great pets for young children because they don't require as much care as other pets like cats and dogs.

Fiction. While families with children can make great rabbit owners, the adults should want the pet just as much as the children.

"[Pet rabbits] are not ideal for a child that's going to be growing and going through different stages of life," Tedsen said. "An indoor house rabbit can live 8-12 years. Kids are going to go through changes."

2. Fact or Fiction: Rabbits are simple pets. All you need to do is feed them lettuce and carrots. They'll be healthy and happy!

Fiction. Despite stereotypes, lettuce and carrots are actually not good for a rabbit's diet.

"They'll eat them and enjoy them like a child will enjoy ice cream, but it's sugary so it can make them fat," Tedsen said. "It also upset their gut. They have a sensitive digestive tract and need a balanced diet. Hay should be primary source of food. Greens and pellets food also."

3. Fact or Fiction: Homes with backyards and gardens are ideal for pet rabbits. They love to run around! 

Fiction. Remember, we're talking about indoor rabbits.
"Indoors is where they want to be," Tedsen said. "They're very social. They want to be a part of the family like a dog or cat."
So before you get a pet rabbit, know that they are cute, furry, and loving, but not necessarily easy and low-maintenance like many people seem to think. They need to see veterinarians who know how to treat rabbits, specifically, something that can be hard to find. You can find a list of local veterinarians who include rabbits in their practice here
The next adoption event for the Sacramento House Rabbit Society is on Sunday, April 30th at the Healthy Habits Fitness Studio on J Street. 'Run for the Buns' will include a 10K, 5K, and one-mile walk.