More than 400,000 crash records were analyzed to find out which cities has the most dangerous intersections in California. Sacramento ranked number two, just under Los Angeles.

Topping the list at number one is Los Robles Boulevard at Marysville Blvd. According to the study by a Southern California law firm, researchers found there were more than 20 crash-related injuries and one death at the intersection since 2015.

The second most dangerous intersection in the city is Fruitrudge Road at 28th Street.

"I just hear screeching tires and I look up and there's a big accident,” said auto shop owner Ben Lee.

Lee’s shop has a front row view of the intersection. He said at least every day there’s one driver that runs a red light.

"I've seen someone get hit, dogs get hit, everything. Probably the worst one was a red light runner (that) took off. It was a hit and run,” Lee said.

Across town in North Sacramento, Jessie Avenue at Norwood Avenue make the list with 22 crash related injuries.

"It's like playing a game of chicken,” said Daryl Anderson.

Anderson frequents the Starbucks on the corner and said he witnessed an accident before. Located near the freeway entrance, drivers are switching lanes fast to get onto the highway.

"You do have to watch your back. You have to watch around and pay extra close attention when you ride through here,” said Anderson.

The number four most dangerous intersection is Arena Blvd. at Truxel Road in Natomas. Some people said the problem is drivers making quick U-turns.

"I always try to drive a little sometimes too cautious here, because I know people here do not pay attention at all. You just have to be alert all the time,” said Griffin Jackson.

The city of Sacramento wouldn’t comment on the study but officials told ABC10 that staff is working on collection data for future improvement projects.