A woman has moved to Sacramento from the Philippines to take care of her brother who suffered a stroke six months ago. Leeana Agustin, 25, watched it happened when they were Skyping each other.

"No one ever saw him but me but his coworker came and she was yelling and was so scared," Leeana said.

She left behind her life to take care of her brother in Sacramento. Their mother passed away in 2013.

Days after her brother Melross Agustin suffered a stroke, doctors told Leanna there is no hope for her brother. She would have to pull the plug, but she refused.

"When I first got here he was just staring at me and he wrote down I think I'm dreaming that you're here," Leeana said. "It's so heartbreaking."

Leeana moved to Sacramento a few months ago with only a backpack and two t-shirts and no place to stay. Her only plan was to help her 30-year-old brother.

In the past few months people in the Sacramento region started hearing about her story.

A nurse offered Leeana a job as a caregiver. The Filipino community here in Sacramento has stepped up and given support.

Since Leeana doesn't have a car, she uses Lyft, and drivers have been collecting food and offering other necessities to her. They also started a GoFundMe page.

"We all banded together and agreed we have to do something for her," said Lyft driver Jan Krueger.

MelRoss has slowly been getting better and can now feed himself but is still having a hard time talking but is able to say "I love you" to his sister.

A day after first meeting Leeana, we surprised her after all the sacrifices she's made.

People throughout the Sacramento community gave her donations and gifts they've been collecting for her. Some haven't even met Leeana but were so moved by her story.

Leeana says she'll stay in Sacramento until her brother is able to take care of himself.