The arrival of Paul McCartney is sparking memories of an old crush for one Natomas woman.

It was a secret crush, back in 1964. She wrote the Beatles star a love letter, but that letter never made it to Sir McCartney because her parents forbid it.

"At that time we didn't know that I had a learning disability. My parents blamed my poor grades on The Beatles," said Teri Latsko. "They said I had to forget the Beatles because I couldn't focus when I listen to them."

The letter sat for 52 years in a pile of keepsakes. Latsko's older sister saved it.

Latsko was 8 years old when she wrote the letter. At the time she says she was having a difficult time in school. The spelling in the letter reflects that.

"Ha ha... Beatles is spelled with two T's and two S's," Latsko said.

She laughs at the letter now but says her love for Paul McCartney has not changed. The first sentence in the smudged letters reads: " Dear Paul I can't watch you anymore because I have to forget about you. But. P.S. I love you."

Latsko wants to keep the original love letter, but we sent a copy of it to Sir McCartney. We will let you know if he responds.