After a marathon five-plus hour session, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 against extending a marijuana ban.

Supervisors Miller, Patti and Villapudua all voted to lift the ban.Supervisors Winn and Elliott voted not to lift the ban.

The board also passed a proposal to seek an ordinance to put commercially grown marijuana in a to be announced contained industrial business park area.

The meeting drew several speakers for and against.

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar conceded to the board that the war on marijuana had been lost and that lifting the ban was the choice to go.

"I know it's difficult to say as law enforcement, but for 38 years I didn't think I would stand up here and say pass a marijuana ordinance. But stranger things have happened," said Verber Salazar.

However, San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore recommended the board wait another year before taking any action.

"I believe on either side of this issue there will be an increase in the workload for the sheriffs office in trying to sort out what's going on," said Moore.

But proponents of marijuana, like Ian Gottlieb, who says he runs a marijuana collective near Tracy, told the board he is with them in making commercial grows to the letter of the law.

"Personally, from my perspective, I would love to work with you. For law enforcement, I would love to work with you," said Gottlieb.

Doris Cruz, who moved from Florida to be close to her sister in Lodi, has taken cannabis oil for several months.

She says she suffers from terminal carcinoma cancer and says her tumors have shrunk significantly.

"My whole attitude changed. That's when my weight came down. I'm eating better," says Cruz.

Her sister, Margie Bruno, suffered from cancer, too.

But she says after also taking cannabis oil, her lung cancer disappeared completely.

"It's been put on this earth for a reason. It's been put on this earth to cure people from different diseases," says Bruno.

A lot of questions still remain unanswered like how many licenses will be issued, when exactly will marijuana be allowed and where.