Parts of the Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa are decimated from the Tubbs Fire as entire blocks of houses are wiped clean and the destruction is jaw dropping.

There are also businesses that were blackened and gutted by the blaze.

Along Cleveland Avenue, Puerto Vallerta, a Mexican restaurant, was completely destroyed.

Next door, however, at Simply Vietnam, the restaurant is unscathed.

”We have a small crew right now to do what we can,” said Jon Nguyen.

His family owns the restaurant. He cannot believe the building is still standing.

“We came here on the day of the fire,” he said. “My dad and my brother-in-law. We just sprayed the roof and it saved us.”

His kitchen is getting ready to open after being closed since the fire broke out on Sunday.

“We’ve been out of power and without gas for the week,” he said, “so we finally got it back on and now we’re going to start cooking. We got lucky.”

His sister, who owns the restaurant, lost her house to the fire.

“This whole backside is Coffey Park and that whole place is completely demolished,” he said. “My sister has a place a house over there. She barely got out. Minutes before the fire engulfed, she barely got out. The family is safe and everything.”

He hopes to open on Tuesday and wants all first responders how much he appreciates them.

“I would like to welcome any first responders, any police men or firemen to come in this week for some free meals,” he said.