With officers on either side lining the main entrance to UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento Police Officer Victor Wolfe was on crutches surrounded by family walking toward recovery.

The 12-year veteran officer was shot in the leg Thursday by a double homicide suspect, all while thousands gathered in Roseville for the funeral of Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Robert French, who was killed in a shootout the week before.

“We’re excited that he is—I’m getting choked-up," said Sacramento Police Spokesperson Linda Matthew. "We’re excited that he is coming home from the hospital today,"

On Thursday, the two officers attempted to pull over Eric Arnold, a suspect in a South Sacramento double homicide. After the vehicle stopped, Arnold got out of the car and started shooting.

Officer Wolfe was shot in his leg, and the other officer was shot the his torso, but saved by his protective vest. Arnold was killed by the officers' return fire.

Sacramento police told the media Saturday that the officers declined to be interviewed for now, but may speak out at a later date. Still, Officer Wolfe turned to the crowd before entering a car to leave.

“Thank you very much," Wolfe said.

For officers, greeting Wolfe was emotional, seeing their friend on the road to recovery.

“It’s overwhelming," said Sgt. Denise Wong, who is also Wolfe's direct boss. "I love the fact we have so many people from our department here that are supporting him. It shows what a family are and when we have a critical incident like this how we very much bond together."

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn was also pleased Wolfe was released.

"He looks great," Hahn said. "Like I mentioned the other day, this could have been much worse. So although it's a horrible thing that happened we're very it wasn't worse."

Wolfe’s fellow officer, who was shot in the chest but saved by a bullet proof vest, said, "I'm lucky, very lucky. I’m here for him. That’s why I’m here."