It’s not such a secret anymore. You hear about it all the time from your friends and online that many of the notable big restaurants have some options that are considered a secret, but it’s not just the McDonald’s and Subways of the world that have them. There are a few local places within the Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto areas that have their own spin on secret menus.

With several locations in Northern California, Vampire Penguin offers a whole new concept to ice-themed desserts. Through their own formula, the popular dessert chain creates beautiful and unique takes on sweet classics such as strawberry cheesecake, dulce de leche and s’mores.

“The owner (Paolo), originally went to school to become a doctor, but decided he didn’t want to,” says Walter White, one of the managers at the Downtown Sacramento location. “So he decided to do something that would be fun for him, he decided to come up with this shaved ice concept that was different and unique.”

That concept that Paolo came up with was shaved snow, which is a lighter and airier form of shaved ice. With the shaved snow, Vampire Penguin comes up with all sorts of desserts, but only a few know about their, “Super Duper Secret Menu,” until now.

If you ever thought you could have a Twix just as a candy bar or an ice cream, think again. Vampire Penguin has their own secret option that combines chocolate shaved snow, graham crackers, caramel and chocolate sauce.

Have you ever had a tuxedo-style cake before? Bet you didn’t know that you can also have it in a different form! If you order this secret option, it’s a chocolate shaved snow with sliced almonds, marshmallows, strawberries topped with chocolate sauce and condensed milk!

And if you are one who like some heat, there’s even a hidden dish for that. You can ask for the, “Mexican Candy,” that has a mango or watermelon shaved snow with fresh watermelon cubes, caramel sauce, chamoy (a sweet and spicy Mexican condiment made from Chiles), and a dash of chili powder. It’s a sweet, savory and spicy option that’s worth a try!

If you want to learn more about Vampire Penguin and the delicious choices they have, visit their website.